Dutch soprano Henriette Feith graduated from the Sweelinck Conservatorium of Amsterdam and has performed since as a soloist in oratorio and baroque and chamber music concerts.

She has worked and performed with Lieder accompanist Maurice Lammerts van Bueren since they met at the conservatorium. Their collaboration led tot the recording of American art songs on the cd “Curiosity Killed …”. As a duo, they were coached by Rudolf Jansen and Graham Johnson. Henriette’s affinity with baroque song also led to a long-time musical partnership with David van Ooijen, lutenist and guitarist. Their cd “La Cacchina” which features a selection of Francesca Caccini’s Il primo Libro delle Musiche (1618), was well received in the press. National newspaper The Telegraaf noted “sympathetic beauty” and “beautiful repertoire, performed with a voice both personal and beautiful”.

Henriette performed solo at the wedding of Prince Pieter Christiaan (live on tv) and sang with the Nederlands Kamerkoor at the inauguration of King Willem-Alexander in 2013. She also participated in a cross-over project with jazz pianist Thijs Borsten and Senegalese singer Mola Syla, aptly called “de Uitdaging” (The Challenge). She was a freelance choir singer for many years, working with the Nederlands Kamerkoor, the Groot Omroepkoor (Dutch Radio Choir) and The Amsterdam Baroque Choir.

Considering herself more and more a chamber musician and Lieder singer, Henriette initiates new partnerships in this field, exploring often unknown vocal chamber music with inspiring combinations such as voice-saxophone-piano, or voice-clarinet-guitar. She launched a concert series in her home town of Amersfoort in 2015, which focusses on original vocal chamber music programmes. Her partners in these concerts are, among many others, the Apollo Ensemble, Maurice Lammerts van Bueren, baritone Sinan Vural, mezzo soprano Cécile van de Sant, David van Ooijen, Cassandra Lukhardt (viola da gamba), Lidewij van der Voort (baroque violin), Izhar Elias (guitar), Levan Tskhadadze (clarinet), the Trio Fantasticus, Arte Duo and countertenor Kaspar Kröner.

Henriette Feith teaches singing to amateurs and professional singers. She also works as a vocal coach for choirs.